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The ITNA/IDP process for caseworkers and supervisors consists of two steps:

Supervisors, take a quick peak at why it's important to participate in your worker's ITNAs:


While not required, the OCWTP strongly recommends individuals and their supervisors complete the one-hour online ITNA/IDP Maximizing the Process prior to completing their first ITNA/IDP.

To learn more about the ITNA/IDP steps, click on the tabs in the left-side menu above or simply scroll down.

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ITNA/IDP: Maximizing the Process

ITNA/IDP: Maximizing the Process

This one-hour distance learning provides foundational information about individual needs assessment and development plans within a competency-based training system, so you can maximize each of the steps involved. While it is written primarily to guide supervisor participation and involvement in the ITNA process, its content is appropriate for both parties.

We strongly recommend individuals and their supervisors complete this module BEFORE collaborating on their first ITNA/IDP process.

  • To receive one hour of OCWTP and Social Work/Counselor licensure credit for the course, you must launch and complete it through E-Track:


  • If you DO NOT NEED to receive credit or simply want to review all or part of the course, you can launch the course by clicking on the link below.


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The Caseworker and Supervisor ITNA Process Is Now Entirely Web Based!

The OCWTP's ITNA process is completed via an online survey. Plan to allow yourself approximately one hour to complete it in collaboration with your supervisor. While we strongly encourage single-sitting completion, you will be able to save your progress and complete it later, if necessary. You will be required to review your draft selections with your supervisor prior to submitting your ITNA for processing. Ready to begin?



Not your first ITNA? Check out Tips for Completing Your Next ITNA/IDP.


Your ITNA Helps Us Help You!

The data you provide in the ITNA/IDP process is essential to ensuring your developmental needs are addressed. We regularly review E-Track data to determine the highest priority training needs in a single county, a region, or the whole state. This data helps us determine high-priority content areas needing development, the level of depth required for learning interventions, the frequency with which interventions are needed, and the locations in which to schedule them. The more accurate your data is, the more accurate we can be in delivering the right training at the rights time and location to meet your needs.

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Use Your E-Track IDP to Chart Your Development Path!

Once you've identified your highest priority training needs, you need to determine with your supervisor how best to address them. Your E-Track Individual Development Plan (IDP) is designed to help you, in collaboration with your supervisor, determine how best to address your highest priority training needs. Once you've submitted your ITNA, your RTC will add each high-priority need as an objective to your E-Track IDP. The RTC will then notify you and your supervisor via email when your IDP is ready. As you review your IDP, you and your supervisor may wish to:

  • Adjust due dates and reminder timeframes for objectives
  • Add detailed descriptions or notes to objectives
  • Link from objectives to available learning interventions designed to address them
  • When you find an intervention of interest, immediately review a list of upcoming sessions and instantly enroll in sessions that fit your schedule
  • Consider (with your supervisor) adding independent study, shadowing, coaching, and other custom-designed learning interventions to address your specific learning needs.

Your RTC will email you IDP quick-start guides to help you and your supervisor work with your IDP, but you can also review them here:

Work with Your OWN IDP in E-Track

Work with Your Direct Report's IDP in E-Track (Supervisor Version)

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Need Help?

We want to do everything we can to help you be successful. If you're struggling with any of the steps or materials, contact your RTC for assistance:

  RTC Contact Person Phone Number
  CORTC Shawney Johnson 614-275-2684
  ECORTC Debbie Schott 740-432-2355
  NCORTC Andrenee Fant-Priest 216-881-4527
  NEORTC Jodie Hembree 330-379-1867
  NWORTC Stephanie Harvey 419-213-3506
  SEORTC Alexis Parsons 740-592-9082 ext 102
  SWORTC Diane Davis 513-248-1891
  WORTC Dale Hotaling 937-427-4540 ext 6


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IDP Quick-Start Guides

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