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NEORTC's Staff Training

To register for NEORTC staff training,
please carefully follow the three
steps below:

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Beginning Monday, August 9 2021 and until further notice, the following protocols will be in place at the Northeast Ohio Regional Training Center.

Training Calendar / Schedule

1. NEORTC in person trainings on site at the SCCS Education Center will return to normal scheduling. A combination of in person and virtual trainings will continue to be offered.

2. Counties will be encouraged to follow the COVID-19 Training Protocol at NEORTC when hosting training at their sites. Counties can determine additional restrictions as needed for their training rooms/buildings.

Training Room Environment and Trainee/Trainer Guidelines

1. Although restrictions on social distancing will be removed, NEORTC will limit capacity in the training room to 50% capacity.

2. Trainers and trainees will be asked to follow all COVID-19 screening protocols that have been set for NEORTC staff.

a. Temperature Checking – It is recommended that all trainees and trainers take their temperature prior to coming to NEORTC for training. Individuals with a temperature in excess of 100.4 are prohibited from attending training at any NEORTC training site.

b. Stay Home When Sick – Trainers and trainees exhibiting any symptoms (including coughing and/or having trouble breathing) or who are ill are asked to stay home to protect others.

3. Face Coverings – Face coverings are required for all trainees and trainers, regardless of vaccination status. 



NEORTC Building

NEORTC's Location at Summit County Children Services

Additionally, NEORTC staff are available to address questions or concerns regarding other training opportunities.

Please contact:

Mary Serapiglia, Director, at

Jodie Hembree, Staff Training Coordinator, at

Julie Hayden, Foster Parent Training Coordinator, at

Christina Malpass, Foster Parent Training Coordinator, at

The health and well-being of those we serve, our staff and the community are our top priorities. We appreciate your continued support and understanding.



NEORTC Training Registration Process

NEORTC is providing E-Track and non-E-Track trainees (Guest Trainees) with the listing of upcoming trainings to help those with E-Track access search for training sessions. This information is current at the time of posting so please check E-Track for the most current available trainings.

Summer 2021 Staff Training Sessions

Fall 2021 Staff Training Sessions

E-Track Trainees: Please follow your agency's guidelines when enrolling for any training session in E-Track. To learn more about E-Track, who it's for, how to access it, and how to use it, visit the E-Track homepage.

Guest Trainees: For those who are not in E-Track (PCSA staff who do not have log-in privileges, retired PCSA staff, community private agencies) attendance at NEORTC training is accepted on a space-available basis. The Staff Training Listing above is intended to serve as a guide. If you would like more information on a particular session please contact NEORTC Training Coordinator Jodie Hembree, 330-379-1867,  To register for a particular training session, complete the NEORTC Registration Request Form. Please allow up to one week for confirmation of acceptance into training. The webform should be submitted 30 days or less before the date of a particular training you are interested in attending. If a request is submitted 31 days or more from the date of training, the request may be declined. Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic and having to restrict class sizes, Guest Trainee registration requests should wait to be submitted 7 days before the training is scheduled.

Private Agencies - Assessor Training:  In order to attend assessor training, contact NOAS at 330-856-5582 ext. 123 or to learn how to search for and enroll in training using E-Track.  Please note: you must be currently working as an assessor in your present position to be registered in E-track.  Others wishing to attend assessor training may submit a guest registration form (please refer to Guest Trainees section)


Please be advised that NEORTC (Northeast Ohio Regional Training Center as part of the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program) needs to enforce the rules for training, especially regarding attendance and cell phone usage during training. As you attend training you will notice that rules are posted in the lobby and in training rooms. These are, and have been, standard procedures throughout the State of Ohio for OCWTP since 1986, and we are required to abide by them. Review NEORTC's Procedure on Acceptance of Learners into Training.

Specifically, we ask that cell phones and other devices/tablets not be used while training is in session.  Use of these items is not only distracting to the trainer but to other trainees as well.  You can use your phones and devices at scheduled break times or during lunch. 

Training room doors will be closed when training begins at 9 AM. As you may know, there is a "15 minute rule" for training that states a participant cannot miss more than 15 minutes of a one day or multi day training and still receive credit for the training. However, trainers have the right to refuse participants late entry into training even if it falls within the 15 minute rule. Bottom line: to be on the safe side, be here at 9 AM for the beginning of training and be sure to return from breaks and lunch on time.

Feel free to contact NEORTC if you have questions about NEORTC or the training rules for participants. These rules are not meant to be punitive to any individual but rather, are aimed at ensuring there is a positive learning environment for all participants. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.


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