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Trainee Resources

This page contains training handouts, skill-building exercises, PowerPoint presentations, and other training-related resources.

If you do not see your resource listed, you may also want to check the General Resources or Trainer Resources pages.

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Caseworker Core Resources:

Field Guide to Child Welfare (Rycus & Hughes). The Field Guide covers all of the Caseworker Core competencies and many of the specialized and related competencies for caseworkers. It is available in PDF format at https://www.ihs-trainet.com/field-guide-to-child-welfare. The Field Guide is comprised of the following four volumes:

  • Volume I: Foundations of Child Protective Services
  • Volume II: Case Planning and Family-Centered Casework
  • Volume III: Child Development and Child Welfare
  • Volume IV: Placement and Permanence

Caseworker Core Module Handouts


Supervisor Core Resources:

Module 1: Supervising Casework Practice

Module 2: Leadership in Child Welfare

Module 3: Leading Change and Managing Conflict

Module 4: Assessing and Evaluating Individual Staff Performance

Module 5: Professional Development of Staff

Module 6: Building a Highly Effective Team

Culture and Diversity Resources:

Trauma Resources:

NCTSN's Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit Handouts

The Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit (CWTTT) is a training series designed to support the infusion of trauma-informed knowledge and skills into child welfare organizational cultures. This toolkit contains targeted training for various levels and roles, resulting in positive sustainable changes in the policies, programs, and practices which lead to better outcomes for children, youth and families. Visit https://learn.nctsn.org/enrol/index.php?id=536 to create a free account, complete the course, and save the documents bulleted under each section listed below:

Module 1: Creating Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice: Introduction to the Essential Elements (Module 1 and Module 2 of NCTSN curriculum)

  • The Essential Elements of Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice
  • Case Vignette-Tommy

Module II: The Impact of Trauma on Children’s Behavior, Development, and Relationships (Module 3 of NCTSN curriculum)

  • Coping with Trauma Reminders
  • Case Vignette-Andrew
  • Bringing It Back to Work: Essential Elements 1, 2, and 3

Module III: Assessment of a Child’s Trauma Experiences (Module 4 of NCTSN curriculum)

  • Emotional Chain of Custody
  • Example of NCTSN Fact Sheet
  • Questions to Ask Mental Health Providers
  • Empirically Supported Treatments and Promising Practices
  • Trauma-Informed Bingo
  • Child Welfare Trauma Referral Tool
  • Definitions of Different Trauma Types
  • Case Vignette-Joshua
  • Bringing It Back to Work: Essential Elements 4, 5, and 6

Module IV: Providing Support and Managing Stress (Module 5 and 6 of NCTSN curriculum)

  • The Invisible Suitcase: Behavioral Challenges of Traumatized Children
  • What Children and Youth in Foster Care Want You to Know
  • Case Vignette-Chris
  • Bringing It Back to Work: Essential Elements 7 and 8
  • Case Vignette-Mary  
  • Child Welfare Work and Secondary Traumatic Stress
  • Work/Life Balance Plan
  • Self-Care Inventory
  • Bringing It Back to Work: Essential Element 9  

Post Training Action Planning Tool:

Personal Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice Action Plan: Daily Strategies








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