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The Universe of Child Welfare Competencies

The "Universe of Competencies" is Ohio's comprehensive listing of all the knowledge and skills required for child welfare staff to do their jobs. This "Universe" is the essential driving force behind the OCWTP's comprehensive, competency-based inservice training (CCBIT) system.  

The competencies are the criteria used to assess individual training needs, from which aggregate training needs for an agency, county, region, or the whole state are determined. In addition, the competencies guide the development of all of the OCWTP's training courses and curriculum content and determine what training expertise are needed in the OCWTP's trainer pool.

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Universe Graphic

Learn more about CCBIT training in the PDF: What Is Competency-Based Training? ( Rycus & Hughes, IHS)

E-Track Competencies

Caseworker Core
Caseworker Specialized
Caseworker Related
Foster, Adoptive, Kinship Caregiver Preservice
Foster, Adoptive, Kinship Caregiver Fundamental
Foster, Adoptive, Kinship Caregiver Specialized
Foster, Adoptive, Kinship Caregiver Related
Supervisor Core
Supervisor Specialized
Supervisor Related
Trainer Competencies
E-Track Tip
Did you know that you can view the universe of competencies inside E-Track? Simply log into
E-Track, click on the "Catalogs" tab along the top of your screen, and select the "Competencies" catalog. Expand any topic listed to see the skill sets and competencies included within it. Click on an underlined competency to see a list of trainings in E-Track that address. Click on a suggested learning to view and enroll in available sessions.

E-Track Classifications (Topics & Subtopics)

The Classification Table is the universe of topics and subtopics by which E-Track learnings are classified for search purposes:

E-Track Classification Table

E-Track Classification List - FAK

E-Track Classification List - Caseworkers

E-Track Classification List - Supervisor/Managers

E-Track Tip
Did you know that you can search for training by classifications inside E-Track? Simply log into
E-Track, click on the "Advanced Search" under "What Would You Like to Learn Today," and click the magnifying glass next to the "Classification" search criteria. Click on any underlined classification or click the yellow folders to narrow your search. You can also combine searching by classification with other search criteria, such as date range and region.



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